Weekly Update – May 8, 2019

A Note From Jim There’s a secret to making your products easy to sell. It starts with a couple questions you should be asking: Is there a “test” to separate really GOOD “how to” products from most of the crap people sell online? Is there a way to keep yourself from falling into the me-too…

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Weekly Update – April 24, 2019

A Note From Jim “Success Starts with a Decision” 50% of people fail in online business because they never get started. 40% quit when the first thing they try doesn’t work out perfectly and make them rich the first week. 7% slack off right before they’re about to make it BIG – they end up…

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How To Build “Unstoppable Teams” – Book Review

Could a single book really make you a better leader AND help you make more money in your business? Yes! This new book, “Unstoppable Teams,” holds the secret to applying proven leadership principles to your everyday life and business so you can build an effective team, no matter what business you’re in… even if you…

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Sales Story Secrets and TheJimBoat.com

During this episode of Lattes with Jim, Jim talks about the upcoming Jim Boat 2019.

Are you making all the sales you want in your business? If not… watch as Jim explains why you need to be on the boat in November on the “Make More Sales Millionaire Mastermind Cruise

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