Stop, Drop and Pivot – Embrace Change (Without Using Swear Words)

Change is coming – and let’s be real, sometimes it feels like a giant dumpster fire spiraling out of control.

It’s a word that doesn’t sit well with a lot of people (including me on some occasions), especially once we’re finally comfortable. That’s one of the mistake we make… we get comfortable.

I want to share a conversation I had with a client just the other day. He asked me a question that made me stop and think…

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Did You Crush 2020 or Get Crushed? Finding Opportunities – SCCMH [Podcast 98]

“Did You Crush 2020 or Get Crushed? Finding Opportunities – SCCMH [Podcast 98]”

Jim Edwards and Stew discuss what many people did or did not do during 2020. Were you able to evolve and adapt to the issues around you? Three groups of people typically show themselves in times like this:

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Weekly Update – May 13, 2020

A Note From Jim Head Stuck In The Sand The one thing about change is that it doesn’t change. It just keeps changing. The world does change… some things don’t. But one thing’s for sure. If what you did before doesn’t work anymore (in anything), it probably won’t magically start working again. That’s change. Sticking…

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3 Sales Story Secrets You Don’t Know Yet! [video]

Get ready to adapt your stories for many different purposes so you can sell a LOT more (and you won’t have to struggle to use the power of stories in your sales copy)! Once you’re done with the fb live, drop what you’re doing and get the inside track on how to sell a LOT…

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Eye On The Goal – Be Ready To Adapt

While planning out a webinar, I put together a timeline of that things I’ve done since 1997 when I got started online. It’s interesting to take a look at things from a “satellite” or long view sometimes. I realized in getting that one slide together that we have reinvented ourselves and adapted to changes in…

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What’s the formula for repeatable, awesome results? [video]

What’s the formula for repeatable, awesome results? How can you depend on always getting amazing results no matter what you’re doing? Watch to find out more… Want to be the first to know my Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing secrets? Join my private FB group here: Join me on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium

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How Well Do You Adapt To Change?

I had a very similar conversation with several people this past week. They were all telling me basically the same thing. “Hey Jim, you’ve been around for 20 years selling online, and we’ve seen other guys come and go, but you’re still going strong like the energizer bunny. Why?” That made me stop and really…

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