Weekly Update – November 18, 2020

A Note From Jim A Million Dollar Sales Copywriting Tip Every Entrepreneur Needs The Big Idea Here Is: Your Copy Will Never Be “perfect” – So Don’t Even Try Let’s get one thing straight. We’re not after “perfect” sales copy. We are after sales copy that works as intended. We want sales copy that gets…

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Multiple Big Ideas – Affiliate Marketing – SCCMH [Podcast 88]

“Multiple Big Ideas – Affiliate Marketing – SCCMH [Podcast 88]”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss developing big ideas and what advice for affiliate type of sales. There are many types of affiliates – which one do you want to be?

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It’s so much more than “clicks”… [video]

There is absolutely no business on the internet that doesn’t need traffic… The most important chapter in this book is Chapter one. It’s probably the most brilliant idea about traffic that you will ever get, but it has nothing to do with actually writing an ad and getting a click. I don’t care what you…

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What’s the difference between writing sales copy for an affiliate offer versus your own product? [VIDEO]

The only differences where you send them with your call to action… See what I’m talking about by watching this short video. Sorry the audio sucks! If you can check out the Funnel Scripts Live Podcast in the ClickFunnels FB group you can view them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ10PHyB1WyXMuzxlK9adBA Join us on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter…

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