Weekly Update – March 17, 2021

A Note From Jim

Opinions Are Like _____ – Especially When You Launch A New Product

Let me tell you a quick story.

A guy I know spent 18 months doing over 100 podcast episodes.

He spent thousands having those podcast episodes transcribed and edited.

He then had those episodes compiled and organized into a book approximately 1,800 pages long.

He then GAVE AWAY the book to his subscribers thinking he was giving them a gift.

The man didn’t expect anything in return… he was trying to do something nice.

The next day, 15 people told him that his “book” wasn’t a real book and that it sucked. In fact, they felt mislead that he even called it a book.

Here’s one quote:

“Ha! Funny! You talk about not bogging people down, after sending a 2000-page collection of transcripts. That’s hilarious!

FWIW, that might be the worst lead magnet I’ve ever seen… I deleted it without even trying to read it.”

The man felt bad. He second guessed himself.

Had he made a mistake? Did he mislead people?

Had he committed a sin against humanity… even though it was a FREE book?

Should he throw himself off a bridge and save the world from his worthless ramblings and inane babbling?

Was this the end of his business all because he just wanted to share his knowledge in a different format?


It didn’t mean that at all.

What it meant to the man was that some people are asshats and keyboard commandos.

What it means is that some people are unhappy with their lives, their situations, and their abilities to the point that they will attack someone who offers them something for free in the hope it will help them.

In short, as we say down south, they have no “home training.”

On the flip side, a lot more people said thank you for the new book… it was packed with value… and it made them want to go listen to the original podcast episodes used to create the transcripts.

So the man decided to pay attention to the people who liked the book and appreciated his efforts and intentions.

He knows the difference between feedback and hatin’!

The haters?… well, he figures they’ll just crawl back in mama’s basement and troll somebody else… because what the haters didn’t know was that this was also his annual spring “list cleaning” party.

The surest way to clean your list and find the people who don’t belong is to promote something to the list and then unsubscribe (and kick ban) the people who taking bitching, whining, and complaining to a level far beyond “feedback” (which the man always appreciates) and turn it into vitriol.

In the end, the man was happy to have a clean list of kind, gentle, generous people he could have a great relationship with and contribute to their understanding, knowledge, and success.

The End

Oh, if you’d like a copy of the book, go here: https://jimedwardsmethod.com/collection


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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply March 17, 2021

    Grea blog post-Jim this really hit home

    Opinions are nothing more than that “Their own opinion”

    What a great story that the man was able to clean his list

    Also thank you for the weekly update

    P.S I think this mysterious man who was having a bad time with his transcripted book is you and your big black book

    Maybe – Maybe not


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