Weekly Update – December 1, 2021

A Note From Jim A Turning Point That Changed Everything I remember exactly where I was sitting, though I don’t remember the exact day.  I was at my desk in the back bedroom of the trailer staring into a tiny 12-inch screen. I was looking at a sales letter, though I didn’t know it was…

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Weekly Update – November 24, 2021

A Note From Jim What’s The Single Most Important Asset In Your Business? When you talk to most people and ask them “What’s the most valuable thing in your business?”, they’ll give a variety of answers. They’ll say something like their: intellectual property computer email list equipment You’ll see a variety of answers based on…

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Be an Asset – SCCMH [Podcast 68]

“Be an Asset – SCCMH [Podcast 68]”

Be an Asset: Motivation, Habits, Discipline, Toughness and Mindset.

Jim Edwards changes the pre-arranged topic on Stew as he starts the podcast. Handling the curveball, Stew was able to answer as well as segue into the original topic that was more about branding, habitual content creation, and openness to growth by seeing uses for such content. 

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What is your most valuable business asset? [video]

At Funnel Hacking Live somebody asked me, what’s your most valuable business asset? I had to think about it for a second and over the years it has changed. Has yours? 

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