Using DISC Communication Techniques for KILLER Lead Magnets

Are your lead magnets falling flat and not getting any traction with your audience?

Unlock the power of DISC communication techniques!

By understanding and applying the four main communication styles – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness – you can tailor your lead magnets to resonate with your ideal customers on a whole new level!

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Weekly Update – June 28, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets “Unlock Your Ideal Customer’s Motivation with These 7 Hot Buttons” “The Secret Sauce to Target Your Ideal Customers!” Discover the secret to connecting with your ideal customers at a deep level – without wasting countless hours guessing what motivates them to buy, try, click, or sign up. Unleash your potential by understanding…

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Struggling to Connect with Your Ideal Customer? DISC Communication Styles May be the Solution!

Are you struggling to connect with your ideal customer avatar? Are you spending countless hours trying to create the perfect sales copy, blog posts, and content marketing, only to find that it doesn’t click with your audience?

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

With so much noise online, it’s difficult to break through and establish a meaningful connection with your ideal customers. But perhaps the problem is not necessarily your messaging, but rather the way it’s received.

Enter DISC communication styles…

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Weekly Update – June 21, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Not All Avatars Communicate The Same Way Don’t assume everyone communicates the same way… Your customer’s communication style is critical to understanding what they’ll buy… If you want to reach a wider audience, do this!… Read on to discover the secret of your ideal customer’s communication style. When communicating with your ideal…

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Communications is KEY! – SCCMH [Podcast 147]

“Communications is KEY! – SCCMH [Podcast 147]”

Jim and Stew discuss how communications continue to change quickly in life and in business. Communication is KEY. Have you noticed the evolution of email going from everyone excited about “You’ve got mail?” to spam filters and mass delete feature? Some in the younger generation consider email about as formal of writing as snail mail is. Snail mail, phone calls, and emails are being replaced by…

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How Do You Reactivate A List That Isn’t Paying Attention To You Anymore?

I’ve got an interesting analogy to help you understand HOW to do this! Let’s say that we’re on the beach. I drop a $100 bill. I come back tomorrow and drop another $100 bill. And I keep doing that several days in a row! Three things will happen! #1 People will start to notice! Soon…

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Dance with the one who brung you… [video]

When times are tough you should be loyal to the people who’ve been with you since the beginning and above all else… be grateful and kind! After all, we’re all in this together.   When this has all passed, join us for an epic vacation on The Jim Boat this November! Join us on Facebook…

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