Pay Attention To The Parts That Aren’t Fun… (That’s Usually Where The Money Is!)

I was talking with a friend about her business and one of the “unfun” parts of business kept coming up for her.  She kept saying over and over, “I hate wasting money on these ads! I’m trying to figure this out and it’s so frustrating.”  The reality is that, once ads get figured out, everything’s…

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Ten Most Lethal Copywriting Mistakes – SCCMH Podcast 9 [podcast + transcript]

“Ten Most Lethal Copywriting Mistakes”

Jim Edwards hits it out of the park with this top ten list focusing on mistakes in copywriting.  

A brief synopsis is the following:

1 – No headline or title (or crappy one)

2 – Features only with no benefits or meaning

3 – Don’t talk about  yourself – Talk TO the customer…

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