Weekly Update – June 10, 2020

A Note From Jim Most People Give Up Before… Most people give up before they ever get any real results. Why? A few reasons, not the least of which is unrealistic expectations about how long it should take to get the results they say they want. We live in a “microwave mentality” society that bombards…

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Beginner Funnel Scripts User – SCCMH [Podcast 24]

“Beginner Funnel Scripts User”

From RICHARD: “IM A GREENHORN, I have about 14 funnels in my head or ideas for funnels with offers written down and about 5 projects started in Funnel Scripts. I’m just not sure which script is best for which niche funnel I’m working on… So right out of the gate, I’m getting myself stuck in a web… Because I’m trying to do too many things and learn too many things at once, what type of script for my particular niche funnel should I try?”…

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There’s always time for what’s most important… [video]

We haven’t done a Letting the Chickens Out with Jim in a while because I’ve had other responsibilities and things pop up that I’ve needed to take care of. I have noticed that I’m still able to get the most important things done… See how I’m doing it in this short video. Join my private…

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