Get 1,200% More Results From EVERY Piece Of Content You Create!

How would you like to do one thing one time and get a dozen different results from it?

That’s called being efficient!
That’s why we’re going to talk about 12 ways to instantly repurpose your content, any content.

“Repurposing” gets a lot of attention, but what does that actually mean? It means take a piece of content, change its form, and it has a brand-new life.

You could literally create one piece of content and use it 12 different ways…

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Weekly Update – November 20, 2019

A Note From Jim Repurpose Proven “Stuff” Whenever Possible So, I had a webinar on Tuesday after being gone for 2 weeks. Over the weekend I wrote a 4,000 word “article” for a friend’s book that drops next year. I was in a panic about my webinar… until I realized I could use the article…

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