Are You Assessing or Just Guessing – SCCMH [Podcast 180]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss content marketing, sales copy writing, and using them to effective drive traffic to your business. Do a business assessment of your website, communications methods, and see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Then Test using effective methods found in content marketing scripts / TJEM. If you are not assessing – you are only guessing.

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Evergreen Webinars: Do They Work… or are they BS?

Evergreen or not to Evergreen? That is the question!

When it comes to webinars the “holy grail” is to be able to take your webinar and turn it into an evergreen presentation that makes you money 24/7/365!

All the experts who sell webinar software admit that converting to evergreen is easy and won’t take hardly any time whatsoever.

Creating a webinar that works… that can be tough.

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Questions with Jim – Overcome Fear

 Do you want to make a ton of sales with your funnels and enjoy the freedom that one funnel can give you?🦄 😥Have you fallen short of your goal creating copy that makes sales and gets subscribers in the past and now you’re worried about launching funnel after funnel and failing?🤗Well, here’s some good news…

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5 Tips To Avoid Sounding Cheezy In Your Sales Copy

A lot of people who need to write sales copy worry about coming off as cheezy, kinda like a used car salesman. They confuse good selling with the cultural stereotypes that rank good selling along with slimeballs. So, let’s talk about five (5) ways you can avoid creating copy that makes people feel like they…

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The #1 Copy Writing Mistake Every Entrepreneur Must Avoid Like The Plague

The #1 copy writing mistake entrepreneurs make is to make their sales copy all about themselves instead of their prospective customer. What do I mean? Well, they tell the prospect how great their product is, how smart they are, how long they’ve been in business and how their product works. The customer doesn’t care about…

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