There’s Plenty Of Time For Everything BUT THIS!

There is plenty of time to do anything you need to do, EXCEPT… this!

Here’s the thing.

I have many deadlines right now.

Truth be told, I was a little freaked out last night about all of it.

• I’m creating new scripts;
• I’m teaching copywriting;
• I’m editing a new book;
• I’m working with partners;
• I’ve got my business to run;
• I’m going to FHL next week;

I admit I felt a little overwhelmed right before I went to sleep!

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Weekly Update – December 22, 2021

A Note From Jim Are You Giving People a Break? The word of the day is grace. When my family thinks of the word grace, they think of my mother-in-law because that’s her name. When other people think of the word grace, they think of grace from God. Things like salvation… which is super important.…

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Is there ever enough time?

All of us are busy, the older we get the busier we seem to be and the faster time seems to go. The problem is that we’re focused on the urgent instead of the important. We’re reacting instead of living. The one thing to remember… there’s always time for what’s most important! If you aren’t…

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Jim’s Gem: Time [video]

When most people hear the word time they think of their watch or how much time is left in the day before they can call it quits. When professionals hear the word time they often think of time as the most precious resource we have. But a few also think there’s never enough time. When…

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Are Limiting Beliefs Hurting Your Sales?

Are Limiting Beliefs Hurting Your Sales?

For old-school salespeople, the term “limiting belief” is another way of saying OBJECTION.

Objections are usually linked to beliefs about a situation, an offer, or something similar.

There are two main categories of limiting beliefs: internal and external.

Internal Limiting Beliefs

Internal limiting beliefs usually come from personal experiences…

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Weekly Update – January 20, 2021

A Note From Jim Time, Tools and Skills + Vision 1992-1996: My first book took 4 years to write using a word processor. November 1997: My first website took 30 days, 3 books, and a whole lot of sleepless nights to get done. 1998: My first audio product cost me $300 to record in some…

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There’s plenty of time for everything BUT THIS… [video]

This week I’ve got a lot going on and was starting to get a little freaked out by all of the things I have to get done. I stopped, took a breath and then a little voice said to me, look at your calendar, there’s plenty of time for everything except wasting time!  Don’t waste…

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Time is what we want most, but use worst. – William Penn [video]

At the end of a lifetime, hopefully we aren’t looking back and thinking about just how busy we were and regretting it… Get priority notification for information on The Jim Boat 9: Join us on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium • Podcast

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What time management experts don’t want you to know… [VIDEO]

It’s the small things that make the biggest difference. Watch this short video to see what I’m talking about.  Need help creating content? Check out The Jim Edwards Method Premium: Join us on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium • Podcast

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