Weekly Update – January 20, 2021

A Note From Jim

Time, Tools and Skills + Vision

1992-1996: My first book took 4 years to write using a word processor.

November 1997: My first website took 30 days, 3 books, and a whole lot of sleepless nights to get done.

1998: My first audio product cost me $300 to record in some Dead Head’s garage band studio.

1999: My first video product cost me $400 in equipment (I had $500 to my name and no credit cards) and took 2 weeks to make. I duplicated the VHS tapes to sell it one at a time.

Over the years I made enough money from that book to pay off a house.

Over the years I made enough from that audio product to pay off a Rolls Royce.

I took what I learned from making the website and those products to develop the skills to change a lot of lives and build a nice little online business.

With new tools I can now create a book in 90 minutes (not 4 years). I can create a sales letter in less than an hour (not 30 days). I can make a video sales letter and content in less than 30 minutes (not 2 weeks).

Time, tools and skills.

You’ve got all the tools you could ever need to be successful (especially if you’re a member of  The Jim Edwards Method Premium).

You’ve got all the time you need.

You can develop and / or hire the skills you need to do anything you need done FASTER than at any time in history.

What you need most now is a VISION for where your business is going… where you want to be in 1-3 years… and a PLAN for how to get there. All the mechanical obstacles that stood in the ways 20+ years ago when I got started are GONE!

Even though there are more people online trying to sell than there were back then, you see new people coming on the scene all the time and doing very well. What do they have? A vision!

So, the moral of today’s message?

No matter who you are, where you are, or what obstacles you face, with the right VISION, you can assemble the tools and skills to make your vision a reality… in less time possible than ever before.


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Letting The Chickens Out with Jim

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