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A Note From Jim

Are You Giving People a Break?

Are You Giving People a Break?The word of the day is grace.

When my family thinks of the word grace, they think of my mother-in-law because that’s her name.

When other people think of the word grace, they think of grace from God. Things like salvation… which is super important.

When I think of the word grace right now, though, I think in simple terms of just giving somebody a break. Specifically, giving yourself a break.

Not too long ago, I was at Funnel Hacking Live. My buddy, Devon, had a real bad frog in his throat. He was up in front of around 3,000 people losing his voice. I was talking to him in the hall at lunch, and he was kicking himself thinking that he was disappointing people.

I told him, “Brother, you got to give yourself some grace. You do for everybody else. Give yourself a little grace. Do that, and I guarantee that these people are going to support you, and that they’re going to root for you. They’re going to give you some grace.”

And guess what… they did!

You might be going through some problems. You might have some relationship challenges, money challenges, business challenges, work challenges, physical challenges, or all kinds of other challenges going on right now.

When we experience those things, sometimes our tendency is to jump on our own back. To jump into a whole lot of self-criticism; just beating on ourselves up or not having any patience with others around us.

I think a good thing that we could all do in a world that is kind of crazy right now is to give ourselves some grace. Give yourself some grace, give yourself a break, and give other people a break, too.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t strive, or that you don’t work hard. It doesn’t mean you don’t go and give it your all every single day. But you know what? If you give yourself a little bit of grace, maybe you’ll enjoy the journey along the way.

I had a conversation with my wife yesterday, which really brought me up short. For a lot of years, when I was struggling and striving, I wasn’t very happy. The reason I wasn’t happy was because I kept beating up on myself for not being where I wanted to be… for not succeeding yet.

I look back now, and those weren’t wasted years by any means. But I could have just as easily spent those years achieving happily, instead of achieving…not miserably… but angrily might be another way of looking at it.

Let’s all practice a little bit of grace.  Grace with ourselves and grace with others.

Do that and I bet you, we can still achieve everything we ever wanted. And, we’ll enjoy the process, instead of thinking the end of the process is what’s going to make us happy. Because frankly, it won’t.

It’s the journey that brings the happiness. So, let’s all practice some grace.

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– Mason Vranes

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