The Price is NEVER Too High – The Value is Perceived to be Too Low – SCCMH [Podcast 132]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss how to you fix your pricing, offers, and add additional services / products. They share their journey and experience with this one and help people figure out ways to increase value with WHATEVER they do.  Listen in and ask questions and see if we can help you. Don’t forget…

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Member’s Update – May 14, 2021

It’s Okay To Charge More!

Hey, it’s time to raise prices. Why?

Cuz Jim said it was!

Seriously though, it’s time to raise prices, especially if you’ve been undercharging (as many of us do).

Here’s something to think about.

According to Google (so you know it’s true – it’s gotta be true) here’s what the purchase power of $29 in 2001 was compared to today’s dollars in 2021.

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Slash prices or add value? [video]

Things are all kinds of jacked up in the world today… Will you survive or will you thrive? Can you survive on razor thin margins? Here’s my humble opinion.  Check out more tips and articles here: Join us on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium • Podcast

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There is no value in my Facebook group… [video]

Overnight I had a new member post in my Facebook group that they were finding no value… The response from the group was interesting. This made me think about what I can do to add even more value. Watch now to see my response 🙂 Get your hands on Copywriting Secrets: Join the FB…

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Don’t make people feel stupid for buying from You! [VIDEO]

I want them to feel like I’m always giving them extreme value. Watch this video to see more.. PLUS I spilled the beans on the OTO for my Copywriting Secrets Funnel. We’re releasing Copywriting Secrets this month! Get on the priority notification list here: Join my Sales Copy & Content Marketing Hacks FB group…

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Weekly Update – December 1, 2018

A Note From Jim Think about this… “A bucket that’s 10% full of gold is worth a LOT MORE than a bucket that’s 100% full of sand (no matter how pretty and white the sand)… and the gold-filled bucket still has 90% of the room left for things (other than work) that are truly important…

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Is Your Bucket Full?

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and we were discussing the now ever-present problem of not enough time and not enough mental resources to deal with all the information and data that bombards us daily. I said to him, “It feels like my mind is a bucket filled up with cherry Kool-Aid. When it…

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