Weekly Update – April 14, 2021

A Note From Jim

Who Do You Want to Be Like – Bob or Mary?

Meet Bob.

Bob’s coming out with a product about making videos. He heard video is hot and he wants to cash in. He’s outsourcing the product creation 100%.

Bob’s never made a video on his own before.

Meet Mary.

Mary makes videos all the time and uses them in her business – averaging 1-2 videos per week – earning 6-figures a year part-time.

She’s boiled down her 2 years of experience into 3 primary types of videos she knows work for selling her ebooks and promoting affiliate offers.

Mary’s coming out with a product about making videos.

Who’s product would you buy?

It’s pretty obvious. Mary’s.

Why? It’s based on practical experience and RESULTS she can prove.

As a marketer / product creator, WHO would you rather BE?

Bob or Mary?

Who is it more realistic to be?

Bob or Mary?

There’s the conundrum. Do you go get the experience, or do you create the product based around need?

I think the answer is you want to be both. Go get the experience, but then don’t wait 2 years before you come out with something.

If you see a need, dive in full steam and figure out a solution. Test it from every angle. Try to break it. Test it across multiple niches.

If it works, sell the hell out of it! BUT, sell based on RESULTS, not smoke, mirrors and BS.

RESULTS speak louder than knowledge alone.

Show people how to get RESULTS and they’ll love you.

If you’re new, they’ll call you a “breath of fresh air.”

If you’re experienced, they’ll call you a “real veteran.”

Either way, results speak louder than anything.

Get people the results they want and they’ll beat a path to your door and PAY you.



Featured Article

Over a recent weekend with my wife in the woods, I was reminded of a very important lesson.

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