Weekly Update – August 26, 2020

A Note From Jim

Top 5 Tools You MUST Have To Run A Successful Online Business

People ask me all the time, ‘What tools do I need to succeed online?’

It seems like they want some magical “ninja” answer with something they’ve never heard of before… but I’m not sure that’s the case.

Here’s what you need and why:

#1 Word Processor and Presentation Software

You need Microsoft Word and PowerPoint… these are my go-to tools for creating content. (Note: you can also use Pages and Keynote on a MAC, or even Google Docs and Google Slides).

#2 Screen Recorder Software

I use Camtasia. You need a way to capture your screen and narrate so you can create tutorials, courses, and more.

#3 Online Video Conferencing

I use Zoom and GotoWebinar, though GotoWebinar is falling out of favor. You need a way to communicate one-on-one and also with a group so you can teach classes, create content, do webinars and more. Plus, you can use this type of software to create your podcast episodes too.

#4 A High Quality Microphone

I use a Blue Yeti. It costs under $100 on Amazon. It works with virtually any computer.

#5 My Scripts and Wizards

I often say I’m the #1 power user of Funnel Scripts, The Jim Edwards Method Premium, and Traffic Secrets Scripts because I am. These are the tools that help me create amazing content and sales copy super fast!

#6 A Website Platform

I use ClickFunnels. You need a way to put your offers up on the web so you can sell people stuff!

#7 A Payment Processor

I use Stripe and PayPal to process our payments. Stripe is especially easy to set up and use.

I know there are more, but these will get you started 😉


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