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A Note From Jim

If You Want Success, STOP Doing This…

If You Want Success, STOP Doing ThisIf you want to find success, stop reinventing the wheel.

A wise person once said, “Success leaves clues.”

I absolutely believe that if you want to do anything successfully as fast as possible, find someone else who is already doing it successfully and model what they’re doing.

WARNING: That doesn’t mean you copy them. That doesn’t mean you steal from them. What it means is that you watch to see what they’re doing, and then adapt that to what you’re doing.

So, for example, let’s say you wanted to do a video. Go find some of the most popular videos ever done and look at them. It’s easy to do on YouTube with a few mouse clicks. Watch the videos and ask:

  • How do the videos start?
  • How often do they change the scene?
  • How do they use their hands or their body?
  • Do they put words up on the screen?
  • What are the first words that come out of their mouth?
  • How do they encourage people to engage with them at the end of the video?

These are principles you can learn through observation and research, and then apply to your own videos. This works even if the video you watched has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re teaching or talking about. In fact, I’ve found that some of my best ideas actually come from looking at things totally outside of my area of concentration.

For example, I actually like to look at children’s shows, to see how they do their pacing, their visuals, and the intonation of the speaker’s voice. I watch to see how I can apply those things to my videos.

Once you’ve seen it done by someone else and applied it to your situation, you can look at your results and start to tweak your procedures. By the way, that’s a pet peeve of mine. If you find somebody who’s doing something well, don’t try and reinvent their wheel either. In other words, if you see somebody doing things and getting great results, instead of sitting there thinking you’re smarter than they are (and that you can improve on everything they’re already doing), follow their methods as closely as possible to see if you can get similar results. Only then should you start tweaking things to try to improve the results.

Bottom line: no matter what you’re doing, chances are there’s probably someone else out there who’s already done it. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, model them, hire them, read their book, or sign up for their coaching program to give yourself a leg up and kickstart your success.

The slowest way to get any result is to figure it out from scratch on your own!

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Featured Article

Opportunity often comes disguised as something negative!

It looks like:

  • a problem;
  • a pain;
  • more work;
  • something that’s bothering you;
  • other people bothering you;
  • an “issue” you just don’t have time for right now.

If Something Is Going Wrong, That’s Usually An Opportunity To Grow And Streamline Your Process

 Let me explain…

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Jim’s Gem

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