Weekly Update – December 29, 2021

A Note From Jim

Change equals fear or massive opportunity… which is up to you.

Change equals fear or massive opportunity… which is up to youAs we close down the year, it’s hard to believe that this is the end of 2021.

It seems like a few months ago we were embarking on the journey of COVID in March of 2020 (and we’re still dealing with it).

And guess what? We’re going to continue to keep dealing with it in the coming year of 2022.

I’m not a medical expert and never claimed to be. But I can tell you that this isn’t going away any time soon. Which means we need to be prepared to take advantage of the social and economic upheaval I believe will continue.

Do not act surprised if you get locked down again.

Instead of railing against the machine and screaming about the fact that it’s not fair, use it to your advantage. Look for the opportunities with your tribe to be

  • The leader
  • The person on the white horse
  • The person who inspires, instructs, empowers, and entertains
  • The person who gives hope

The people who do that are the winners in 2022.

Some people are going to sit around watch TV and put on the pounds. You can sit in front of your computer, figure out how to serve your tribe at a deeper level, and cash in.

It really is that simple.

Me personally, I plan to add tons of features to my wizards that make us the “one stop shop” for content creation and copywriting.

I plan to dive in and teach even more… doing more lives… doing more training… doing more outreach.

Why? Because there are going to be thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of people that I know need my help. I’m on a mission.

What’s your mission?

What are you driven to do in 2022 to make the world a better place?

What are you going to do to improve the lives and economies of your family and your followers?

Don’t have any followers yet? Start building a tribe!

Already have a tribe? Make it bigger!

2022 is the year for you to break out!

The history major in me knows that any time there is a period of upheaval and change, that’s when the opportunities come flying at you fast and furious.

Are you ready?

The great news is inside of the Jim Edwards Method Premium and Funnel Scripts (as well as my other sites) I’m going to lead you to the greatest year of your business life!

Join me on this journey into the great adventure.

Happy New Year

I’m spending less money on advertising and getting more results…”

– Stewart Alexander

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