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A Note From Jim

Do You Have The “Courage” To Be Vulnerable?

Do You Have The "Courage" To Be Vulnerable?When some people see the word “courage” they think of the courage to face your fears.

When speakers and trainers hear the word courage they frequently think of the courage to get up on stage. (And many or those folks also think of stage fright and how it can stop you in your tracks.)

When I hear the word courage, I think of having the courage to be vulnerable with your audience and “get real” with them.

Here’s what comes to my mind when I think about the word courage when it applies to building a successful business and communicating effectively with your tribe.

Most people only want to show the good side… the perfect side… of any part of themselves or their business visible to the public.

They think  if they share any details about how things aren’t perfect, people won’t believe them or take them seriously.

This holds especially true when selling products. They feel they must make out as if things always function perfectly and nothing ever goes wrong.

The truth is, it takes courage to share when things aren’t perfect and things do go wrong.

But, from my experience, when you have the courage to share things that don’t go well, it makes you more human… it makes you more believable… and people will love you for it. (Side note: that doesn’t mean you get to whine. Nobody likes a whiner!)

Here’s the bottom line for all of us: have to courage to be vulnerable with your stories and the details you share. Doing so will draw people closer to you when you do it right.

Here’s your assignment: tell a story about how something didn’t go right or a time you looked foolish, and how you overcame it.

Share the pain and the ultimate triumph. Your vulnerability will make you human… your triumph will make you a hero in the eyes of your tribe.

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Featured Article

formula work for nonprofit organizations “Does this formula work for nonprofit organizations too?”

I believe when someone asks this kind of question, it’s because they’ve forgotten there are real people on the other end of their sales messages.

So, the first thing you can do to create a “hook, story, offer,” whether it’s for a nonprofit or in a traditional sales setting, is to remember you’re creating an offer for people.

You’re not creating a hook for a worm. You’re creating a hook to snag the fish you want to catch.

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