Weekly Update – July 1, 2020

A Note From Jim

3 Ways To Make Your Email Copy Irresistible

  1. Have a great subject line that induces curiosity.
  1. Write like you’re emailing a friend.
  1. Remember that 99 times out of 100, your purpose is to get the click, NOT to sell the offer.

So, let’s unpack this list real fast.

First, if you don’t get your email opened, you’ve lost the war before you even get to the first battle.

Use curiosity-inducing headlines to get people to open your message.

Need examples of headlines that work? Look at your own inbox and see which ones you open and which ones you don’t… that’s your first clue!

Second, nobody likes to get spam… but everybody loves to hear from a friend.

Write as if you’re emailing a friend. Let your personality shine through.

Third, don’t overdo it!

The purpose of your email is NOT to sell… it’s to pre-frame people for what’s next in your sales process, and then get them to click.

That’s it! So, no need for a 10-page email.

Grab them with curiosity… build their interest… and direct them on to the next step.

… and that, my friend, is how you make your email copy irresistible!


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Letting The Chickens Out with Jim

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