Weekly Update – July 15, 2020

A Note From Jim

“If it is not on the LIST, it does not EXIST”

I learned this phrase from my coach, business partner, and friend, Stew Smith.

I met Stew back in 2014 when I signed up for his live fitness coaching… which meant he would send me evil workouts every week and my job was to do them.

Stew basically told me “Do what I tell you. Don’t quit. You’ll get results.”

I took him at his word. I’ve grown, gotten in great shape and have pretty much stayed there with a few dings here and there.

I said something to Stew one time early on about all the good intentions of doing what he sent me along with MORE that I came up with for myself.

But I never seemed to get around to the extra PT (physical training) I set out for myself.

Stew told me “If it is not on the LIST, it does not EXIST!”

He went on to explain that whatever is on the list tends to get done…. but stuff that doesn’t make it onto a list you’re committed to completing rarely – if ever – gets done.

So, there’s really a two-step process here.

Step 1 – If you want to get stuff done, put it on a list.

Step 2 – Commit to completing the items on the list.

I know it sounds simple – but how many things are hanging over your head right now that are undone?

Are they on a list? (Yes or no)

Are you committed to doing them? (Yes or no)

If you don’t have 2 yeses here, then you’re screwed… it’s never getting done.


Sometimes, even if you have a list AND you’re committed to getting things done, they still don’t get done.

A little trick I use (in fact, I used it today).

Take that item on your to-do list and block off an appointment on your calendar to take action during a specific time of day.

If the item on your to-do list is too big to fit in a block, then break it down into smaller steps that WILL fit into a time block on your calendar.

I suggest 60 minutes. (I know there are human behavior experts out there who say you should schedule in 22 minute intervals – screw them!) If it’s important to get done, then bust your butt for an hour and then come up for air for 15 minutes and then get right back to it!

Schedule at least 5 of these sessions in a day to start knocking out that list. Oh, and if you have the excuse that you’re busy (who isn’t) here are some suggestions:

2 blocks in the morning when you get up earlier than you do now.
1 block at lunch time
1 bock in the afternoon
2 blocks when you get home and skip watching TV for 5 hours.

You’ll be surprised at how fast you can get things done when you have a specific time to do them and a limit on the amount of time you allow yourself to spend.

TWO (2) phrases pretty much rule my life:

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


“If it is not on the LIST, it does not EXIST!”

So, get your list out and start getting stuff done!


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