Weekly Update – March 7, 2018

A Note From Jim

3 Book Writing Mistakes No Entrepreneur Can Afford To Make

If you’re serious about wanting to write your own book to promote your business, then I’ve got 3 mistakes here you need to learn how to avoid, FAST.

Mistake #1: Trying To Write A Book Everyone Will Buy

The quick idea on this is the chances of you writing a book that everyone and their brother (or mother) will buy are slim to none. Don’t even try.

The most important thing to get understand about making this mistake is your topic will be too broad and you’ll have a hard time selling it to anyone.

You need to understand avoiding this mistake is key because if you don’t it means you’ll do all the work to write a book that won’t actually help you build your business, which is what most entrepreneurs want to use their book for in the first place. The way to make a fortune with your book is to use it as a tool to get more business.

Bottom line to avoid this mistake? You should focus on a very narrow…

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