Weekly Update – May 11, 2022

A Note From Jim

What I Learned About Content Marketing In High School Science Class

I learned about “experiments” in high school chemistry class. That’s where I learned the “scientific method.” That’s basically where you come up with a hypothesis about what you THINK is going to happen.

Then go do stuff and see what ACTUALLY happens.

Fast forward to today, and I do a ton of experiments with my content!

You’ll see me do stuff all the time, or you might see me do something once and never see me do it again.

Other times, you’ll see me do something over and over and over and over again. Why? Because sometimes an experiment pans out and your content works. So, you do it again.

Sometimes it doesn’t work (and you do it again to make sure it really doesn’t work). But then you stop doing it.

A lot of people think (especially with content) that once you have something working, it’ll work forever.

It won’t.

In advertising they use the term “banner blindness,” which refers to people ignoring ads and graphics they’ve seen before. You also run into the same effect with content.

If you keep doing the same kind of content over and over and over, people stop paying attention. Why? Because it doesn’t have the feeling of “new” to it.

Why does this matter? When it comes to content marketing, over time, if you do the exact same type of content over and over and over (like always doing “how to” articles, or listicles, or quotes, or memes), your results will decrease.

People get bored.

The key to success with content marketing is to constantly change it up. Run experiments. See what people are actually reacting to right now.

Then run your experiment again to make sure it’s still working…. And then ride that train until it starts to slow down.

Then get ready to jump on a different train when it comes to your content.

Best thing I’ve found is just to keep trying a ton of different experiments.

See what works and work it until it doesn’t work anymore.

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Not Letting Nay Sayers Stop You

Sun set

What would you do with a 438% increase in sales just 72 hours?

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What type of book will YOU create?

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