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Drunk Monkeys and AI Robots – What’s the difference?

Big Idea: Drunk monkeys produce mediocre results… AI robots have the potential to produce amazing results, but only with the help of humans.

Main Points At A Glance:

  • A new association called “Artists Against AI” opposes any form of creativity using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Without proper guidance, AI can be like a drunk monkey, producing crap results.
  • To produce best results, it’s critical to keep humans in the process.

Read on for the whole story…

If you haven’t already, you’re about to start hearing a LOT more about artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation and copywriting.

To hear some people on social media, you’d think it was the second coming… a world beater… a game changer… something to replace all the humans!

There’s even a new association of “Artists Against AI” that’s totally opposed to any form of creativity using AI.

Well, it’s time to open our eyes and get real about a couple of things before the world collapses into itself.

Drunk Monkeys Writing Shakespeare!

We’ve all heard the saying, “a monkey with a typewriter will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare.”

And while it’s true that a monkey randomly hitting keys on a keyboard will eventually produce something resembling a readable text, the results are likely to be pretty mediocre.

The same is true of artificial intelligence (AI).

Without proper guidance, AI can be like a drunk monkey, producing results that are far from optimal.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sucks Without Humans!

Even with the best intentions, if left to their own devices, AI systems can quickly go off the rails, leading to sub-optimal or even disastrous results. (Which makes for great news stories!)

This is why it’s so important to have humans in the loop when it comes to AI.

We need to be there to provide guidance and ensure that AI systems are stay on track and producing the best possible results.

And that’s why we created our “Genies” to go along with our Wizards… the best 1-2 punch for creating amazing, unique, original content and copy with the HELP of AI, not a Drunk Monkey!

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Content marketing is NOT NEW… but it’s more necessary than ever (if you want authority in your marketplace and to be viewed as the EXPERT you are)!

So, if somebody tells you the following, flip them the bird 🐔 and keep going on your merry way!

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