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A Note From Jim

5 Lessons Learned On The 26.2 Mile “Tough Ruck”

I want to share with you five lessons that I learned from a recent 26.2 mile marathon I did while wearing 35 pounds on my back (yep, 35 pounds of iron strapped on my back in a backpack).

But before we get into that, the first thing you might ask yourself is “Why in the world, would anybody want to do a complete marathon wearing 35 plus pounds on their back?”

I can tell you right now, I asked myself that very same question every 15 minutes from mile 10 to mile 26. Because if you don’t have a really good reason for why you’re doing something, it makes it really easy to quit when the going gets tough.

Lesson #1: Have A Strong Why

So, the first thing I learned from doing a marathon with 35 plus pounds on my back was that you better have a darn good reason why. That goes for anything that you’re doing in life or business, have a strong reason why. Because if you do have a great why, that gives you the staying power, the sticking power to actually follow it through.

Your why can be something as simple as your pride that keeps you in the game. Or, you might be doing it for your family or some other important reason. The key is a really strong reason why.

Lesson #2: Do It With A Friend

The second thing I learned is that if you’re going to do something hard, do it with a friend. Because if you are doing it with someone who is important to you and you enjoy being around, then it will give you strength, confidence, and the stick-to-itiveness to hang in there.

What makes the suffering great is that when your buddy’s having problems, you can be there for them. And if you’re having a problem, your buddy can be there for you.

Lesson #3: Make a Public Commitment

The third thing I learned is that if you want to make sure you actually follow through on something hard, make a public commitment.

I told all of my followers on Facebook that I was getting ready to do a marathon, which meant there was no way I could back out. As the event got closer and closer, I got more and more apprehensive about how hard the marathon was going to be.

What did I do? I made myself put up posts on Facebook. I shared pictures of everything from the finish line to the little table we set up with our snacks to make it look like a real event (even though it was just two of us doing it).

If you make yourself publicly responsible and accountable for your results, that will help you to follow through.

Lesson #4: Laugh Even Though It Sucks

The fourth thing I learned is that when something gets hard, try to find the humor or the fun in it. When it’s difficult, but you’re laughing, you won’t be thinking about quitting.

Find the humor or do something to make yourself feel better. Concentrate on something fun, even for just a few minutes, and you’ll give yourself a different perspective will help you to hold on and keep fighting.

Lesson #5: Focus On How Good It’ll Feel When It’s Over

The fifth thing I learned went about doing something really, really hard is that it feels great when it’s over. Now that might sound simple, but it’s absolutely true.

When we were getting down to the last three miles of the marathon ruck, and the sky literally opened up on us, and the roads literally started flooding (no exaggeration). I started to focus on the nice hot shower I was going to take when this was over. I focused on how good that warm water was gonna feel on my sore muscles and how amazing it would feel on my whole body and my aching back.

I even felt grateful for the fact that we have a tankless hot water heater so I knew I could take as long of a hot shower as I wanted!

And you know what?

That hot shower felt better than any shower I can ever remember taking in my entire life.

So those are the five things I learned from doing that Tough Ruck marathon with the equivalent of an overweight first grader on my back the entire way.

Bottom Line: Go do something hard and get through it… because you’ll be a better person for it on the other side.

Have a great day.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m never ever going to do it again (unless you ask me next week).


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 Journey On Brother”

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