Weekly Update – October 27, 2021

A Note From Jim

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too”

 – Anne Franke

This quote is by Anne Franke from her diary. Anne Franke found joy in a world filled with despair, hardship, and death.

The big idea here is that emotion is infectious. If you’re happy… you can share it with others. If you’re sad, you can share that also.

What you share is a choice made consciously or subconsciously.

Here’s how this applies to us and succeeding in business:

We can choose to feel happy, even in the face of overwhelming odds or desperate times.

We can choose to happily achieve… to happily struggle… to happily solve problems.

We don’t have to buy into the myth that you first be unhappy in the struggle so you can be happy at the end.

There’s a BIG difference between feeling dissatisfied with your current situation and doing something about it, VS. living in a constant state of unhappiness!

So, let’s put this into action:

  1. Choose happiness over sadness.
  2. Choose happiness as a consistent state of mind, rather than a destination you reach “after” you accomplish something.
  3. Choose to consciously spread happiness to others through your words and actions.

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