Weekly Update – September 29, 2021

A Note From Jim

Is Fear Holding You Back?Is Fear Holding You Back?

I just got back from Funnel Hacking Live… which was a life-changing experience, as always.

One of the themes that seemed to jump out at me was “overcoming fear” and getting results.

Fear takes many forms:

Fear of rejection

Fear of failure

Fear of being found out as an imposter

Fear of not being “enough”

Fear of making mistakes

Fear of getting lost in the weeds

Fear of putting out a ton of effort and still not making it

Fear of wasting money

… and about 100 more.

But you know what… that answer to every one of those fears is the same.

Do it anyway.

Get really clear on WHY you want to do something… and do it in spite of the fear.

In fact, use your fear as the FUEL to propel you THROUGH your fear.

How do you do that?

Easy… make a huge list of all the bad things that will happen if you DON’T overcome that fear and take action.

Make the list so big… so scary… so bad that doing the thing you fear is tiny and EASY compared to all the scary alternatives to not doing it.

In other words, make yourself MORE afraid of not doing it than doing it.

Sound too simple? It’s not… it’s actually the shortcut through all the crap going on in your head!

So, if fear is holding you back – now you know what to do…

So go do it!

“It is one of those books that you will keep somewhere close…”

Ever felt like this when trying to make sales, put something down on your computer and you get stuck? Trust me you are not alone… Some of us jumped on an offer for getting 10x secrets with Jim and the book was a bonus!

My encouragement is to get on the list to get his book because it is one of those books that you will keep somewhere close when your building words (not writing, but it will put you on track) to help you sell, attract, get a click, get a call, a message, a voicemail, even a wtf are you doing or selling and much more.

I am not a professional writer, sales copy master, or even someone that has made huge sums of money in this industry like so many others. But following along and marking up this book with a highlighter, bent pages, folded pages and underlines. You gain confidence, an extreme amount of knowledge, feel like superman knowing after you build and write you will have laid out plans even when talking to people, and you will be cursed to never look at copy ever again the same way!

In fact, you’re going to tell yourself “Holy Crap.”

This is just my opinion, take it as not a sales pitch for his book but a testimonial that it can literally change everything.

– Gordon Wat

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