Today’s Theme Is Gratitude, Humility and Empathy

I’m sitting here in the Atlanta airport almost 24 hours into my journey home.

• I’ve slept on a floor.

• Lost my bags.

• Watched the doors close in my face for the last flight home.

• Given up in frustration over someone’s inability to make decaf coffee…

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You Are Only ONE Idea Away From Success…

Let me tell you a story…

I was at a seminar 18 years ago when I had an encounter with a guy named Marlon Sanders, and he gave me an idea.

“Jim, take your competitor’s USP (unique selling proposition) and offer it as a…

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Weekly Update – February 12, 2020

A Note From Jim Which Is Better, Testimonials or Case Studies? People often confuse testimonials with case studies. A testimonial is where somebody says they got a specific result with your product or service, or they give their opinion about your product or service based on their experience with it. A case study is the…

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When… [video]

Every year I go to Aruba with a stack of books because this is typically the time of year that I take a break and catch up on books I’ve wanted to read throughout the year. This year I took a suggestion from my assistant Soosan and bought a book by Daniel Pink titled, “When”. …

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Speed Dating with Jim – SCCMH [Podcast 56]

“Speed Dating with Jim – SCCMH [Podcast 56]”

Jim answers several questions that are rather short ended answers but golden nuggets of useful information.

We call this episode Speed Dating With Jim as he discusses both Funnel Scripts and The Jim Edward Method Premium where Funnel Scripts and Premium Wizards for both content marketing and sales copy can be easily created – with the whack of a button.

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Turn any piece of content into a sales making machine when you fly under people’s anti-sales radar! [video]

Back in 2001 I was not in a great place though it turns out I had an awesome opportunity in front of me and I didn’t even know it. I had no money for ads and there wasn’t really anywhere to buy them… but I needed to stay on people’s radar. How did I do…

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3 Keys to be an authentic thought leader… NOT a poser! [video]

Influencer vs. thought leader vs. AUTHENTIC thought leader… Do you know the differences? Which are you?  Over 18,000 people have already gotten their free copy of Copywriting Secrets. Did you get yours? Join us on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium • Podcast

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Getting Potential Customers in the Right Zone to Buy – SCCMH [Podcast 55]

“Getting Potential Customers in the Right Zone to Buy – Podcast 55”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss the importance getting your readers / listeners of your sales copy in the right zone to buy. Different emotions need to get poked and you do that with your story and offer.

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If You Want To Make Sales, You’ve Got To Make Enemies

“Does that mean we’re going to piss people off and make money?”

Yes. That’s exactly what it means. 

And what do I mean by “make enemies to make sales?” 

Let me explain it this way…

You’ve probably heard the phrase,

“People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.”

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Weekly Update – February 5, 2020

A Note From Jim Reinventing Yourself: 3 Insights Every Entrepreneur Needs If you want to experience a change in your life so you can reach your goals and deepest desires, I’ve got a few insights for you that I hope will help you on your journey. Insight #1 – Change Is Scary for People Who…

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