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Mistakes People Make Hiring A Copywriter

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  • Frank Lugenheim

    Reply Reply May 27, 2021

    Jim, Greetings! My name is Frank Lugenheim and I have a couple of questions:

    (1) I purchased the Fill My Webinar program and want to get your opinion if it will work for Challenges since much of the processes are the same?

    (2) With the growing popularity of Challenges, have you considered or do you feel it would be beneficial to include Challenges into your program and promotional material for the Fill My Webinar program? You would know much better than me what it would involve to include Challenges into the mix but it would seem to open a new, large, and growing market for your copywriting software. Again, I do not know what it would involve, but maybe a button selection for either “Webinar” or “Challenge” and whatever programming would be needed in the backend. Food for thought! Blessings!


    • Jim

      Reply Reply May 27, 2021

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for purchasing FMWS 🙂

      We think Challenges are great… we’ve done a number of them and Dean has written the copy for even more.

      The purpose of FMWS is to promote online events… so you could certainly use the emails / adapt them to promote your challenge.

      We want to keep the focus on promoting webinars, zooms, and meetings… so to create stuff for challenges would cause confusion in our marketing messages.

      However, you can certainly use the emails to promote a challenge


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