Weekly Update – June 14, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets The Avatar Challenge: Are You Ready to Create a Thriving Business by Connecting with Your Ideal Customer? Discover the secret to connecting with your ideal customer on a deep level without wasting countless hours guessing what motivates them. Learn how a clearly defined Avatar profile is the heart of every successful activity…

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Identify Your Ideal Customer With 2 Simple Strategies

As you strive to grow your business and expand your reach, THE most important thing you need to know is your ideal customer avatar.

If you don’t understand who your customer is, their challenges, and what motivates them to act (buy, try, click, and sign up), you’ll waste countless hours and dollars on marketing efforts that just won’t work!

Fortunately, there are two ways to uncover your ideal customer Avatar profile that will give you a deep understanding of your customer’s…

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Stop Making This MISTAKE With Your Content [video]

When you publish content, whether it is video or text, and you post it on social media, hardly anyone will see it. You can’t just post to one channel and expect to hit all your folks. Plus,  it’s just gotten too complicated to try to do it by hand, or to have a VA (virtual…

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5 Steps To Fame, Fortune, And A Fantastic Fan Following

If you want to connect with and grow your tribe of rabid followers, subscribers, and fans (who hang on your every word and buy everything you offer), here are 5 steps to follow.

Step # 1 – Identification

The first step in getting amazing results with content marketing is to know WHO you’re creating content for.

That goes way beyond saying “My target audience is busy moms or childcare providers.”

Knowing your audience means knowing their..

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Weekly Update – March 16, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Three Proven Ways To Create Cool Ideas For Content Three ways to create cool ideas for content that attracts viewers, subscribers, and customers like sharks to a chum bucket on the National Geographic Channel. Way #1: Questions What questions are people asking? Whether it’s in your group or somebody else’s group… whether…

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Content Idea Hacks [video]

What do Covid, Amazon and Questions all have in common? Great content! There is a virtually unlimited supply of cool methods for coming up with amazing ideas for your content. Do you want to discover how to use your content marketing to instantly rise above all the online noise and separate yourself from the crowd?…

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The Five “F” Words For Success [video]

If you want to grow your tribe of rabid followers, subscribers, and fans (who hang on your every word and buy everything you offer), you need to connect, influence and impact. I’ll show you 5 easy steps to follow in this short video to get results and over deliver to the people you’re called to…

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Member’s Update – August 20, 2021

6 Secrets For Snapping Out Of A Funk… FAST!

Everyone can get into a funk, what matters is how fast you turn things around.

The next time you’re feeling down or “blah,” you can change your state fast.

Everyone gets down, but true leaders get back up again quickly.

Here are some secrets to do just that:

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Member’s Update – August 13, 2021

How You Can Create An Instant Connection With Other People With These 4 Story Intros

If you want to connect, get good at telling stories.

Everyone loves stories because they create emotion and hold people’s attention.

If you get good at telling stories, you’ll get good at connecting with people

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How Limiting Beliefs Affect Your Sales

How Limiting Beliefs Affect Your Sales

Let’s start with a definition of limiting beliefs as they relate to selling your products or services.

A limiting belief is something that somebody believes is going to limit their ability to buy what you’re selling.

If your prospects have a limiting belief, they’re not going to purchase from you until you can overcome that limiting viewpoint.

A limiting belief is another term for an objection.

There are two categories of objections describing limiting beliefs…

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