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Three Proven Ways To Create Cool Ideas For Content

Three Proven Ways To Create Cool Ideas For ContentThree ways to create cool ideas for content that attracts viewers, subscribers, and customers like sharks to a chum bucket on the National Geographic Channel.

Way #1: Questions

What questions are people asking? Whether it’s in your group or somebody else’s group… whether it’s in an email or they’re asking on webinars or FB lives, people’s questions are, in my opinion, the number one way to come up with ideas for content.


Because if one person has that question, you know that there are dozens, hundreds, even 1,000’s of other people in your target audience who have that exact same question.

Way #2: Look At The News

What’s going on in the news? What’s been the big news story for the last two years?

COVID. Over the last two years you could pretty much tie anything to COVID and people will pay attention.

Home with COVID? Write a book… do a speech… write a sales letter. Whatever it was, it could be linked up to COVID.

Way #3: Amazon

Look at the products your ideal customers are buying and look at the feedback. Look at the one stars and look at the five stars first, because that’ll show you where people are super excited, or pissed off.

The two, three, and four-star reviews are where people are going to tell you what was missing from the book or the product. Reviewers will let you know where it didn’t answer a question, or didn’t address a point, or didn’t show how to get a specific result.

This is where you can say, “Okay, the audience is spending money on something, but not quite happy. What’s the thing that I can address?”

Or you can look at the five stars and say, “Hey, it really answered this question, I’m going to do something on that because that’s super important to people.”

Here’s the thing. These are just three of a virtually unlimited supply of cool methods for coming up with amazing ideas for your content.

Ideas for content are the magic ingredient to attract the people you are called to serve so you can connect with them, you can influence them, and you can impact their lives.

In fact, I just did a really cool video that explains the five steps for creating impact with the people that you’re called to serve. The video explains exactly how you can go from zero to 100 miles an hour serving the people you are called to serve.

If you want to discover how to use your content marketing to instantly rise above all the online noise and separate yourself from the crowd, check it out here.

“Copywriting Secrets has really opened my eyes about the importance of knowing your audience…”

Leif Harbidge“Copywriting Secrets has really opened my eyes about the importance of knowing your audience and really speaking to an individual’s pain points… It’s crazy to think of all the money I have left on the table over the years because I didn’t know what it took to write great copy.

With the insights that I’ve gained from Copywriting Secrets I believe it will have the potential to take my biz from barely making it to thriving.”

– Leif Harbidge

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Featured Article

A lady emailed me yesterday very upset over the fact that her friend’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) wasn’t delivering important email messages. This lack of delivery caused a real problem for the two of them with ruined plans, missed appointments, and just plain inconvenience. If you don’t use email, this might not sound like a “big deal.” But this problem of non-delivery has dramatically affected the way businesses use email and how consumers receive email.

To put things into perspective, imagine if every time you dialed a friend’s phone number you had no idea whether it would ring or not. Now imagine how frustrated you would feel over time if you kept dialing the same number and it never rang for you, but others could get through and your friend’s phone number never changed.

That’s exactly how you’ll feel when your personal emails start getting blocked for seemingly no reason.

Are you blacklisted?

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