What Makes You Unique Compared To Your Competitors? [video]

What is the thing that makes you unique? Hint: It’s something that no one else can imitate. It’s your story (and how you tell it).  A great story helps you to be seen uniquely in the eyes of your ideal customers. People will buy your solution because of your story and the way you deliver…

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Weekly Update – March 23, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets 6 Steps For Content Marketing Success Content Marketing Success comes down to a six-part formula. If you have all six parts, then you’ll kick some major butt. 1. Identification The first part of the formula is knowing who you’re called to serve. Notice, I didn’t say, “Who are you going to sell…

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6 Steps To Content Marketing Success [video]

There are 6 parts to successful content marketing. The first is knowing who you’re called to serve. Knowing who you’re called to serve gives you the staying power to succeed in this business. Without the other 5 you likely have a hobby, not a successful business. Why? Because hobbies have money going out, businesses have…

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5 Steps To Fame, Fortune, And A Fantastic Fan Following

If you want to connect with and grow your tribe of rabid followers, subscribers, and fans (who hang on your every word and buy everything you offer), here are 5 steps to follow.

Step # 1 – Identification

The first step in getting amazing results with content marketing is to know WHO you’re creating content for.

That goes way beyond saying “My target audience is busy moms or childcare providers.”

Knowing your audience means knowing their..

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Weekly Update – March 16, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets Three Proven Ways To Create Cool Ideas For Content Three ways to create cool ideas for content that attracts viewers, subscribers, and customers like sharks to a chum bucket on the National Geographic Channel. Way #1: Questions What questions are people asking? Whether it’s in your group or somebody else’s group… whether…

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Content Idea Hacks [video]

What do Covid, Amazon and Questions all have in common? Great content! There is a virtually unlimited supply of cool methods for coming up with amazing ideas for your content. Do you want to discover how to use your content marketing to instantly rise above all the online noise and separate yourself from the crowd?…

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The Five “F” Words For Success [video]

If you want to grow your tribe of rabid followers, subscribers, and fans (who hang on your every word and buy everything you offer), you need to connect, influence and impact. I’ll show you 5 easy steps to follow in this short video to get results and over deliver to the people you’re called to…

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Profitable Info-Product Creation

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