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6 Steps For Content Marketing Success

6 Steps For Content Marketing SuccessContent Marketing Success comes down to a six-part formula. If you have all six parts, then you’ll kick some major butt.

1. Identification

The first part of the formula is knowing who you’re called to serve. Notice, I didn’t say, “Who are you going to sell to?” Who’s your ideal customer? It’s who are you called to serve because that call to service gives you the staying power to make it in this business.

2. Ideation

The second part is ideation. You need to come up with cool ideas for amazing content. Why? Because your hooks come from ideation. This is where the hook will get somebody to stop what they’re doing and pay attention to what you’re sharing.

3. Creation

Once you have a good idea, we move on to actually creating the content: creating the video, the Facebook Live, the article, the blog post, the Instagram post, etc. However, I need to warn you – this is where a lot of people fall down.

You can think of it almost like a battery. What do I mean by that? Most people are like a battery, filled up with just enough time, energy, and attention to develop an idea and create the content. There’s this little bit of energy left after those two steps —but only a tiny amount.

4. Systematic Distribution

Following creation, you need to move on to the fourth part of the process, the actual distribution—not just distribution, but systematic distribution. That means getting the content out to all the different places where your potential customers are (the people you are called to serve).

Whether they are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, on your blog, or in different places, you must systematically distribute the content everywhere on autopilot.

5. Connection

The fifth part of this process is connecting with the people you serve. Because if you don’t connect with them, you’re just broadcasting – shouting at people. People want to feel like they have a real connection with you.

6. Monetization

Once you have that connection, you can move on to the sixth step, which is monetization. You must monetize this process; otherwise, this is nothing more than a money hobby. Why? Because hobbies have money going out, businesses have money coming in.

That’s the Content Marketing Success Formula. To summarize:

  1. Identification: who are you called to serve?
  2. Ideation: come up with great ideas that hook people to pay attention.
  3. Creation: use frameworks to create amazing content that gets people to pay attention.
  4. Systematic distribution: getting it out in front of the people on all the platforms.
  5. Connection: Connect to your people to close that loop.
  6. Monetization: making money from this whole process.

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PERFECT 5 step formula for youDo you ever ask yourself…

How can I make my content more valuable for others and more profitable for me?

Well, I have the PERFECT 5 step formula for you.

#1 Make It Fun!

Most people’s lives aren’t so perfect.

So, if you want to make your content more attractive to your target audiences, you should start by making it fun.

If you can help your audience have a good time, even for a few minutes, they’re going to keep paying attention to what you’re doing.

And this means they’re going to come back!

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