“Just Do It”

This quote is from Nike and their many ad campaigns for as long as anyone can remember.

Nike is known for their presence in the fitness and clothing marketplace, as well as their ability to stand out from many competitors who have come and gone over the last 55+ years.

Nike’s big breakthrough came in the mid-1980s when they signed Michael Jordan to an epic shoe deal that created a sneaker dynasty.

The big idea here with this quote is, despite all the excuses we can come up with, in the end we need to dive in and just do it… especially when it comes to getting our own book done.

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10 Ways To Get Instant and MASSIVE Credibility With Your Ideal Customers

Being the author of a book gives you massive credibility. Why?

Because we’ve been trained since an early age that authors are literally the “authority” in a given area. (Hey, you can’t have the word authority without the word author in it!)

You can leverage that credibility a book gives you to get more leads and sales in your business… no matter what business you’re in…

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The Word Of The Day Is: Credibility [video]

We’re trying something new today… Let me know how you like it in the comments. Today’s word is CREDIBILITY. What do you think of when you hear the word credibility? For me, I think of politicians or used car salesmen and how they lack credibility. Today we’re talking about credibility with entrepreneurs. How do you…

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Weekly Update – May 5, 2021

A Note From Jim Should I Write A Book Or Do A Podcast – Which Will Give Me The Best Results And Why? The BIG idea here is: Build Expertise And Credibility Across Multiple Channels Most recognized experts don’t just do one thing to build their expertise… they use multiple tools to get their message…

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#1 Job Of Any Sales Story You Tell To Sell – SCCMH Podcast 7 [podcast + transcript]

“#1 Job Of Any Sales Story You Tell To Sell”

Hey all you entrepreneurs! Here’s your chance to tell a better story that leads to more sales, signups, and credibility so you can tell better stories so you can sell more (while you’re not forced to pull your hair out)!

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I need a website to make me look legit… [video]

Today I’m answering a question from my private Facebook group: I need to set up a simple website as an aside to my first funnel to get some social credit believability not appear to be a fly by night type. Any thoughts on which scripts to use from Funnel Scripts and which wizards to use…

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