Want To Be A Rock Star Celebrity In Your Niche Market?

If you wanna be a rockstar in your niche, create your own book that proves you know your stuff. Everyone can do it! Here are seven (7) reasons plus a bonus on why everyone – including you – can – and should – have your own book done by next week.

Instant Credibility
Nothing screams credibility to your target audience like being the author of your own real, legitimate…

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Defining Your Niche Market and Marketing It Correctly – SCCMH [Podcast 83]

“Defining Your Niche Market and Marketing It Correctly – SCCMH [Podcast 83]”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss creating a series of podcasts focused on the STARTER KIT: Online Business Goals: This week’s topic is Knowing Your Market and Asking the Question – Are You Marketing Your Market Correctly.

Where are your future customers? The people who want to give you money for what you sell?
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This Super Cool Niche Research Tool Helps You Sell More Books

If you want to sell more books, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to share with you about Answer The Public. In short, this niche research tool gives you a leg up to sell more books by helping you find the topics and questions your target audience is actively researching. All ebook…

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