Weekly Update – April 15, 2020

A Note From Jim

Paycheck Doesn’t Equal Self Worth

When I was in the mortgage business waaaaay back in the early 1990’s, your self-worth was all about your “production” and how much you had in the “pipeline!”

Your value was measured in dollars and cents.

You were great (or crap) based on a number… and then every month that number started over again at zero.

My happiness and satisfaction was literally linked to the amount of my paycheck.

No wonder I was stressed out all the time (smoking 2 packs a day and drinking more coffee and liquor than I should).

I think it’s easy for people to fall into this same trap today under the current circumstances.

People see their worth measured in the amount of their paycheck.

Yes, money is important… yes, money pays the bills… yes, I know it can be tough to get by without the dough coming in.

But do yourself a favor. Keep your self-esteem separate from the paycheck.

It’s fine to be money motivated. In fact, it’s important to be money motivated at the appropriate time (like when you’re working).

But remember that ultimately money is the result of helping other people. If you want to tie your self-esteem to something, tie it to helping others and how much of a difference you make in their lives, including during hard times.

And then accept money as an equitable exchange for that value that you bring to others, whether that comes to you now or in the future.

Just some food for thought.

You can’t add value to others when your self-esteem is in the toilet because you’re not making the money you want. You have to first build up your self-esteem BY helping others, and then allow the money to flow as a result.


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