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Three Types of Testimonials That Can Skyrocket Your Sales Overnight

Three Types of Testimonials That Can Skyrocket Your Sales OvernightWe’ve talked before about the fact that a testimonial is different from a case study. A case study is a story of how people got results with your product or service. A testimonial is people saying something is amazing and others should buy it.

There are three types of testimonials.

Results Testimonial

The first type of testimonial is a results testimonial. It’s the best type because they’re proof that other people have gotten results. People tell the results they got from the product.

These are also the hardest to get because people actually have to do something and get results.

Product Endorsement Testimonial

With this testimonial people endorse your product or service. People come out and say, “Hey, I use Jim’s book / scripts / wizards and they are amazing. They’re better than anything else I’ve ever used. I use them every day. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Those types of testimonials are pretty good, especially if you can get a whole bunch of them.

When you’re first start out, especially when you are releasing a new product or something, maybe people haven’t had time to get results. But they’re happy to say, “Hey, you know what, I love it. I think it’s great. I played with it, I got an advanced copy of it and it’s amazing.”

Personal Endorsement Testimonial

The third type of testimonial is where people endorse you. People say “Jim’s a great guy. I’ve never met anybody smarter than him when it comes to copywriting, content creation or creating offers.”

These work great until you can get some results testimonials.

So, these are the three types of testimonials. Yes, results oriented testimonials are the best. But it’s not always possible to get those. Endorsements of the product are next best, but sometimes you can’t get those either. In this case, you’ll then get people to endorse you personally.

Leverage Past Praise For Other Products You’ve Done

This is a neat little trick that you can use, especially when you are selling something new: use past endorsements.

Let’s say you’re coming out with a new book, course, software, or service. You can actually use past praise and say, “Here’s what people have to say about things we’ve done in the past. Here’s what people had to say about our last coaching program / book / etc.”

You just have to make it really clear that this is praise you have gotten in the past for other stuff that’s related to what you’re doing now.

One of the best ways to support making the sale is with testimonials. But stories will help you sell better than pretty much any other type of sales copy. If you can master stories, you can sell like crazy!

I’m doing a really cool live masterclass. It’s going to be an entire afternoon where I’ll teach you about sales stories, including testimonials and case studies.

I’m going to teach you about how to use stories to actually 2X. 5X… even 10x Your sales in an afternoon by telling better stories!

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I started selling my first book online back in 1997. I struggled for years. In fact, I struggled for four years trying to sell my book. Then I went to a seminar and I listened to somebody who said, “You need to tell a story on your sales letter.” Actually, first, he taught what a sales letter was, then he said you need to tell a story on your sales letter.

Now, I don’t know about you. But if somebody says, “Hey, tell a story.” It’s kind of hard to figure out which story to tell. But, I was desperate to get a result (more sales of my For Sale By Owner real estate book), so I gave it a try. The story I told increased my sales by 250%!

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