Weekly Update – February 9, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets

1. The Hero’s Journey In 60 Seconds

The hero’s journey follows a basic arc you can use to create an incredible storyline that motivates and persuades quickly and easily.

Your main character starts out on the left. Nothing’s too good. Nothing’s too bad.

But then he makes a decision or something happens that makes him embark on a journey (whether he wants to or not).

Immediately there’s conflict. Immediately something happens, that throws our hero into a problem, crisis, or emergency.

As they progress, they descend into the abyss where they hit rock bottom. At that point, there’s usually some sort of a discovery made. They have an epiphany, or they meet someone who gives them an answer.

From that epiphany or chance meeting, they decide, “You know what, enough is enough! No matter what, I’m going to figure this out!”

Eventually they get back “home,” which means they get back to the level they were at before they fell into the pit.

But because of the journey, they are forever changed. From their experience they ascend to an even greater level of themselves.

This is the hero’s journey in 60 seconds!

Use the framework to create your own amazing stories to help you sell more, convert more, get more clicks, get more profits, and just plain make your sales copy a lot more interesting (and a lot more fun).

2. The Word Of The Day: Stories

When most people think of stories, they immediately visualize a kid’s story. But some also think of telling a story to get out of trouble with your mom. 😊

When online entrepreneurs see the word “stories” they often think of using stories to sell (as they rightly should!).

When I think of stories, I envision the single most powerful tool for amazing sales copy and content ever created.

I know you’ve heard the term people “buy on emotion and justify on logic” – which is a great formula. But, in order to put that formula to work, you got to make people emotional… but how do you do it?


Stories create emotion in people better than anything else you can do! Hollywood does it all the time with movies. Authors do it all the time with books and short stories.

When you do it right, a great story persuades and overcomes objections without people even realizing it! A great story sells without selling!

Here’s the bottom line for you: the single most valuable thing you can do to make more sales is get better at telling stories.

Start telling stories about your products, your customers, and your experiences. Learn the patterns for telling a great sales story and practice using them until it becomes second nature.

Hey, by the way, if you’d like to know how to create amazing sales stories, make sure you register for the free masterclass I’m going to be doing.

I’m going to spend an entire afternoon teaching you about sales stories! It’s gonna be a ton of fun and very profitable!

It’s called the Sales Story Masterclass. And you can register for free. https://salesstorymasterclass.com

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