Weekly Update – July 21, 2021

A Note From Jim

"Knowledge is like paint... you can't see the difference until it's applied"  - John Maxwell“Knowledge is like paint… you can’t see the difference until it’s applied”  – John Maxwell

This quote is by John Maxwell from one of his many books.

Who is John Maxwell?

  • He is considered the greatest leadership guru of the age.
  • He has helped millions of people with his books.
  • His followers have influenced even more millions of people all over the world.

The big idea here is it does you no good to gather more and more knowledge and not apply it.

In the Bible it says “Faith without works is dead!” (James 2:14-26)

It’s the same here… you can’t gather a ton of knowledge and then add value to the world without using that knowledge and sharing it with others through your actions.

Here’s how this applies to us:

  • Part of putting your knowledge to work is sharing it with others.
  • One of the best ways to do that is with your own book.
  • You may have the knowledge, but if it dies with you… what good does it do the world? None!
  • Think strongly about taking your knowledge and turning it into a book you can use to build your business, your brand, and your impact on the world.

So, let’s put this into action:

  1. Make a list of the TOP 10 mistakes people make in your area of expertise.
    1. Make a list of the TOP 10 questions people have.
      1. Make a list of the TOP 10 tools people should use to get better results.
        1. Turn that into your first or next book using tools and strategy to get it done super fast (which means NOT spending weeks or months writing).

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        Letting The Chickens Out with Jim

        Every week Jim goes live on Facebook and posts his morning tips while letting the chickens out.

        Is today YOUR Independence Day?

        It’s all mental…. Yep, even the stuff you think isn’t!

        You can’t buy a trophy…

        The best book anyone can write… especially if you don’t think you’re an expert!

        How long does your book have to be to be a “real” book?

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