Weekly Update – June 9, 2021

A Note From Jim

Does your email offend people?

 Have you ever gotten an email message that made you mad?

I mean it really annoyed you!

To make matters worse, you might not even know why it got you upset, but it sure did set you off.

In the fast-paced world of email and instant messaging, it’s important to remember human beings are on the receiving end of all the communication we send out.

When we forget this fact, we run the risk of offending everyone and anyone from family members to important business contacts.

These tips should remind all of us that no matter how busy we get or how high-tech the method, communicating with other human beings requires consideration and good manners.

Why should you care about what amounts to good manners with email?

Two reasons: first, your ability to communicate will dictate the quality of your relationships.

Second, the quality of your relationships with family and business contacts will dictate your happiness and your income level.

** Scan the messages you send for viruses **

If you really want to annoy someone and get under their skin — send them a virus!

That is the best way to really tick somebody off fast!

Make sure your antivirus software is up to date at all times.

** “Please” and “Thank You” **

Wow, there’s a novel thought!

Remember that common courtesy words never go out of fashion.

When you send an email requesting information or asking someone to do something, you still get a lot further by starting with “please” and ending with “thank you”.

It’s gotten so rare anymore that everyone looks forward to getting email from those who do use the “nice” words.


Using all capital letters in an email rates the same as SHOUTING in someone’s face!

Using all capitals also makes your message incredibly hard to read.

Most people know this, but some people persist either out of ignorance or disregard for custom. Yet these are the same people who usually get bent out of shape if someone violates one of their “rules” for proper behavior.

** Get to the Point **

Don’t take 500 words to explain something or to make a point that really only requires 20 words.  People are increasingly pressed for time and don’t want to read five paragraphs when you could have just said “yes” or “no” (with please and thank you sprinkled in).

On the flipside, don’t get so brief in your emails that people have to spend hours trying to figure out what you meant.

Explain yourself thoroughly, but practice using an economy of words to do it.

** Minimize the Jokes **

Just because you think it’s funny doesn’t mean the 500 people in your address book will also – and they’re probably too polite to tell you! Ask before sending along the latest rude, crude comic or political satire.

Some people don’t want or have time for them.

Bottom Line: good manners help you stand out even more in a fast-paced world.

Please keep that in mind.

Featured Article

Why do people always want what they can’t have?

Honestly, I think it’s human nature! We turn on the emotions of curiosity, desire, and fear of missing out with a strong sense of urgency when something is kept from us.

There is a little story about picking up my dad from the hospital with my mom that makes me remember how easy it is to take little things for granted. Like GREAT bagels!

Find out why people want what they can’t have

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