Weekly Update – May 4, 2022

A Note From Jim

Think Building a Profitable List Is Difficult and Expensive? Think Again!

Many people believe building up an email list is super expensive, takes a long time, and is really hard to do. Surprisingly, nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s what I mean…

People believe list building is difficult because:

  • They tried it the wrong way in the past and got terrible results.
  • They bought into the idea that the only way to build a list is with paid ads.
  • They don’t know what it really takes to build a list.

I had the exact same thoughts. In fact, here’s what I used to believe and why:

  • I saw other people who had lists and thought there was some mystical “dark magic” about building one.
  • Because I didn’t understand the mechanics of list building, I thought it was harder than it really was.
  • I saw people making money off their lists (I even got some of them to send emails for me to promote my products!).
  • But I just thought it was something other people did that I didn’t know how to do.

Then something happened that totally changed my outlook:

  • I was working for a company where I created a video product we sold on CD-ROM.
  • (Side note: This was back in the day when pop-up windows were all the craze.)
  • When we got the sales letter up, a friend of mine said, “Hey man, put a popup on there and start building a list.”
  • Truth be told, I didn’t want to look like a dummy, so I just jumped in, put up an offer for a quick discount and a FREE report if people gave us their email.
  • In less than a week we had HUNDREDS of people on the list (which created a whole new problem of what to send them, but we’ll talk about that another day :)).

I realized creating a list was actually really easy – you just need a really good reason for people to sign up to your list!

Fast forward to today and:

  • I never worry about having a list or building a list!
  • I have literally built-up lists with tens-of-thousands… even hundreds-of-thousands of people MULTIPLE times over the years.
  • I understand that the single most valuable asset in my business is my list and everything I do is focused on getting people onto that list so I can develop a relationship with them!

That means list building is EASY once you know WHY people sign up for your list and how to make money from them once they join your tribe!

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