Is Information Overload Killing Your Business?

Do you really need to know? I’ve been selling stuff online for 22 years, and I can pretty much tell which people are going to get stuff done and who isn’t. How can I tell? By the questions they ask in the help desk. For example, we got a ticket where a customer sent their…

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Webinar / Seminar Promotion Ideas – SCCMH [Podcast 50]

“Webinar / Seminar Promotion Ideas – SCCMH Podcast 50”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss a series of marketing questions from TJEM Member Sarah Pitts. Whether you are marketing a webinar online or a seminar, getting eyeballs to your coaching / training content is the challenge to make your efforts successful. Check out this podcast no matter what your business is to see how you can utilize a system of marketing that works for old school (phone calls, letters in mail, signs, etc) and new school (email list marketing, newsletters, social media posts and advertising).

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Weekly Update – December 11, 2019

A Note From Jim When Is Enough, Enough? Interesting thing happened recently while I was doing my quick morning video and gave a tip from my book “Copywriting Secrets”. I reminded people they could get a copy for free if they don’t have one yet… and I gave the page number to reference for those who…

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