Facebook Live – Preparing for Black Friday and Other Big Holiday / Seasonal Sales – SCCMH [Podcast 48]

“Facebook Live – Preparing for Black Friday and Other Big Holiday / Seasonal Sales”

Jim and Stew Smith discuss some smart ways to stand out when having a sale. Don’t have a sale just to have a sale. Stand out by being different, funny, and adding value to a purchase vs just dropping the price…

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Weekly Update – July 18, 2019

A Note From Jim All Aboard For More Sales, Profit, and FUN! I had a great conversation the other day with a business partner of mine about making more sales. He put it very well when he said “If you’re an author who is great at writing books, but you suck at selling them… Are…

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Weekly Update – May 30, 2018

A Note From Jim The Truth About Email Subject Lines If you’re a funnel hacker who wants to know how to make more money from your funnels, then this tip holds the keys you need to succeed. The Big Idea is this… If You Want To Make More Sales, It All Starts With Better Email…

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If You Wanna Make More Sales… Make An Enemy!

If you want to sell a lot more of whatever you sell, here are 3 quick tips to help you do just that.💰💸🤑 Tip #1: People Hate To Be Pushed 📌👿 If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then hear this: people don’t like to feel as though they’re being pushed in any direction.…

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Weekly Update – May 23, 2018

A Note From Jim If you want to sell more, set more causes in motion. Run more ads. Create more content. Send more emails. Create more value. You can’t do anything one time and expect consistent or extended results. If you want to sell more… do more! What Happened? You are more than technical problems…

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If You Want To Build Momentum In Anything – Warm Up First!

I want to talk to you about momentum. 💗 Momentum’s interesting because in all areas of our life, you probably don’t think too much about how momentum affects our ability to get results. But momentum, or lack of momentum, actually is the key determinant in your ability to get results. 💪💫 Let’s use the example…

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