Weekly Update – June 14, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets The Avatar Challenge: Are You Ready to Create a Thriving Business by Connecting with Your Ideal Customer? Discover the secret to connecting with your ideal customer on a deep level without wasting countless hours guessing what motivates them. Learn how a clearly defined Avatar profile is the heart of every successful activity…

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Identify Your Ideal Customer With 2 Simple Strategies

As you strive to grow your business and expand your reach, THE most important thing you need to know is your ideal customer avatar.

If you don’t understand who your customer is, their challenges, and what motivates them to act (buy, try, click, and sign up), you’ll waste countless hours and dollars on marketing efforts that just won’t work!

Fortunately, there are two ways to uncover your ideal customer Avatar profile that will give you a deep understanding of your customer’s…

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Opportunity Often Disguises Itself As This!

Opportunity often comes disguised as something negative!

It looks like:

  • a problem;
  • a pain;
  • more work;
  • something that’s bothering you;
  • other people bothering you;
  • an “issue” you just don’t have time for right now.

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Keep It Simple and Solve Problems – SCCMH [Podcast 131]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss problem solving by keeping it simple. Keep It Simple with PQR2 (Problem, Questions, Roadblocks and Results) From Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards – https://copywritingsecrets.com/ We show you how to keep it simple but also use one of the easy acronyms used in Copywriting Secrets –  PQR2 which means Problem, Questions,…

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It’s Not What It Is… It’s What It Does!

It’s Not What It Is… It’s What It Does!

There’s one thing that frustrates me the most when I hear people talk about how hard it is to sell online!

And it’s this…

STOP selling whatever your product “is” and start selling what your product “does” for people!

There is one MAJOR thing to remember when selling something… burn this into your brain…

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Many people go their whole lives avoiding this… [video]

Most people hate to think about things. Everyone thinks about what they want for dinner, or how much money they have in the bank, what’s on TV tonight or who’s pissed them off lately. But rarely do people actually sit and think about the things that matter? What could I do to build my business…

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Weekly Update – February 24, 2021

A Note From Jim Why Most Fail Online Why do the vast majority of online businesses fail, or never get off the ground? It’s because nearly everyone approaches it the wrong way. The problem is, they come up with a product idea first, and then they desperately try to find someone to buy it! Their…

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Weekly Update – February 10, 2021

A Note From Jim “I’ve Tried Everything – What Should I Do? – I’m Stuck!” I get this a lot in the help desk… it usually goes something like this. “I’ve bought every course. “I’ve paid out thousands. “I’m now in debt. “I have all these tools. “I’ve been studying for years. “I’ve tried drop…

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Opportunity often disguises itself as this… [video]

Opportunity often comes disguised as a major negative, as a problem, as a pain in the butt, as something that’s bothering you, as other people bothering you or as a problem that you just don’t have time for right now. There is your opportunity! An opportunity for growth, an opportunity to streamline your process, an…

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What Does Your Customer Need to Know (Problems, Solutions, You As The Answer?) – SCCMH [Podcast 93]

“What Does Your Customer Need to Know (Problems, Solutions, You As The Answer?) – SCCMH [Podcast 93]”

Jim and Stew solve problems! See http://www.thejimedwardssolution.com for more tools to help you solve business / sales copy problems. What is the Biggest Issue that your ideal customer needs to know. People will buy anything to solve a problem or achieve a result. Are you the solution to helping your customer solve that problem and help them achieve that result?

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