Opportunity often disguises itself as this… [video]

Opportunity often comes disguised as a major negative, as a problem, as a pain in the butt, as something that’s bothering you, as other people bothering you or as a problem that you just don’t have time for right now. There is your opportunity! An opportunity for growth, an opportunity to streamline your process, an…

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What Does Your Customer Need to Know (Problems, Solutions, You As The Answer?) – SCCMH [Podcast 93]

“What Does Your Customer Need to Know (Problems, Solutions, You As The Answer?) – SCCMH [Podcast 93]”

Jim and Stew solve problems! See http://www.thejimedwardssolution.com for more tools to help you solve business / sales copy problems. What is the Biggest Issue that your ideal customer needs to know. People will buy anything to solve a problem or achieve a result. Are you the solution to helping your customer solve that problem and help them achieve that result?

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Weekly Update – May 30, 2019

A Note From Jim Think Like a Freak Did you ever read the book “Freakonomics”? It’s one of my favorite books ever. Well there was a follow up book called, “Think Like a Freak.” I’ve read that one too. There’s a quote in the first chapter I want to share with you. “A growing body…

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Eye On The Goal – Be Ready To Adapt

While planning out a webinar, I put together a timeline of that things I’ve done since 1997 when I got started online. It’s interesting to take a look at things from a “satellite” or long view sometimes. I realized in getting that one slide together that we have reinvented ourselves and adapted to changes in…

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What makes a good story? [video]

Do you know what the formula is for a great story? Eli does… Listen in while our grandson explains what it takes to make a great story. By the way… My monthly membership site is open for a limited time – Check it out – https://thejimedwardsmethod.com/premium/ Join me on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium

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Hook story offer vs other formulas… [video]

Which formula makes the most sense? Don’t overcomplicate it. Watch this video to learn more. Check out https://thejimedwardsmethod.com/premium/ – Join before we close the doors on Tuesday!   Join me on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium

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