Jim’s Gem: Do you REALLY want something? [video]

There are two categories where our wants fall. One is giant and the other is tiny. The giant category consists of things that would be nice to have. In the tiny category are the things that you want most, but these things are normally items that get forced on you and often end up framed…

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Weekly Update – February 3, 2021

A Note From Jim Change + Simple Solutions Markets change. People’s tastes change. What works now will change later. The key is, as things change, look for simple solutions to get new results. Things change fast. Often the answer is NOT the most complicated thing you can do, but rather the simplest thing. Simple and…

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Weekly Update – January 27, 2021

A Note From Jim Like the shoe people say… “Just Do It!”  Nothing teaches like digging in — doing it — seeing what happens — and adjusting from there. You can theorize about it all you want, but until you do it, you don’t REALLY know what will happen. What’s something you’ve been putting off…

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There’s still enough time left… [video]

There is still enough time left in the year (about 30 working days excluding the holidays) to set you up for success. There’s a lot of stuff that you can get done in 30 days. You could write a couple books, launch a website, get into shape, start an exercise program, you could do a…

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Is the “F word” stopping you? [video]

Everybody’s always so worried about the F word. If you say the F word on TV, you’re gonna get banned. If you say the F word on social media, you’re going to offend someone. What is the F word? Well, today the F word is FEAR. Fear can be a very tricky word that holds…

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Future Pacing and Why You Want to Use It

Future Pacing and Why You Want to Use It

Have you ever wondered what future pacing is exactly?

It comes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP.

NLP can kick in when you find a common ground with your audience, such as when telling your story or using effective sales copy. That’s how you grab their attention.

Future pacing is about getting people to imagine…

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Here’s the smartest thing you can do right now…

What’s the smartest thing you can do right now?

I’ll tell you, but I need to preface this a bit first.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is thinking the goal is the result. For example, they think, “Make $1 million” is a goal.

It isn’t. It’s a result.

So what’s a goal?

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Get Rich Off The Fundamentals… Or Get Poor Off Complicated Crap! Your Choice!

I recently had an interesting meeting with a friend from across the pond about her lead generation funnel. She’s been trying some different things that aren’t working, so we decided to get back to the fundamentals. This makes me super excited because it’s always the fundamentals that make you rich (never complicated “new” crap that…

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Weekly Update – January 15, 2020

A Note From Jim The Truth About How to Make A LOT More Sales… No Matter What You Sell  The Big Takeaway Here Is: There’s No Prize For 2nd Place in Sales Copy People just throw something out there and hope for the best. They treat sales copy like something you just have to “get…

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Goals and Outcomes – SCCMH [Podcast 52]

“Goals and Outcomes – SCCMH Podcast 52”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss the year 2020 goals and outcomes. What is the differences between your goals or your outcomes. Check out this podcast and see how Jim makes definitions of these classic actions. Treat GOALS like a verb. They are ACTIONS. The outcome is the result of your actions / goals.

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