Weekly Update – September 18, 2019

A Note From Jim If You Don’t Have Time If you don’t have time to get everything done…. then don’t. Don’t try to do everything. Don’t stress over trying to do everything. Isolate the ONE thing that needs to get done. Take a single piece of paper and write it down. Break it down into…

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Weekly Update – September 5, 2019

A Note From Jim Are You Ready for A Disaster? There’s a lot of coverage in the news right now about an approaching hurricane… a “disaster” that will ______ (fill in the blanks). But I’ve learned the hard way over the years that something like that represents a small minority of the disasters we face…

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Weekly Update – August 28, 2019

Why Some People Will Make This Their Best Year Ever!

Back in 2001 I was fresh out of bankruptcy.

My wife and I had managed to buy a house after 7 years of living in a trailer park.

Things were looking up… then I got fired from my job (a story for another time).

It was June. I was scared out of my mind…

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Weekly Update – August 21, 2019

A Note from Jim When are we consistently the happiest? Great question. I don’t know about you. I only know about me. I’m happiest when I: am fully engaged in a project I 110% believe in actively serving others do something that engages my brain completely feel like I’m making a difference discover cool new…

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Weekly Update – April 3, 2019

A Note From Jim Checklists & Deadlines Nothing gets done without a deadline or a checklist. You need the list of what you’re getting done and when you’re doing it. Here’s your checklist: [ ] Keep it simple. [ ] Break it down into bite-sized steps. [ ] Put a deadline on each step. […

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Weekly Update – February 6, 2019

A Note From Jim Change + Simple Solutions Markets change. People’s tastes change. What works now will change later. The key is, as things change, look for simple solutions to get new results. Things change fast. Often the answer is NOT the most complicated thing you can do, but rather the simplest thing. Simple and…

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Weekly Update – January 23, 2019

A Note From Jim Stop Stop calling them resolutions. Stop calling them goals. Start calling them outcomes and actions. Step 1 – Set the outcome and commit to making it happen. Step 2 – Take action every day until the outcome is achieved. That’s how you make things happen in business and make positive changes…

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