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3 Big Lies People Believe About Writing Their Own Book

Here’s a special message for every entrepreneur who wants to create your own book faster than you ever dreamed possible and use that book as a credibility-building business tool (without chaining yourself to your computer 18 hours a day for weeks on end trying to write a book from scratch).

Most people think that writing a book takes forever and requires a TON of effort and energy.

Publishers want you to think the only way to really sell a book is to have a traditional publishing deal.

There are over 300,000 books published to Amazon every year – which causes many people to mistakenly think “the market is too crowded for me.”

Book Writing Lie #1 – You Need A Traditional Publisher To Have A Real Book

TRUTH: Publishers don’t sell books, they print books!

Any traditional publisher will ask you how big your “platform” is before they consider you as an author.

If you already have a platform, you don’t need them because it’s up to you to sell your book whether you have a publisher or not.

Book Writing Lie #2 – It Take Months To Write A Book

If you want to sit down at the keyboard and write a 300-page book from scratch, it will take a while.

However, when you understand that a book is “information” in print, it’s easier to then use innovative strategies and tools to create the content you need quickly, rather than typing it out by hand.

TRUTH: if you can talk on the phone with a friend, you can create the content for your book in a couple of hours.

Book Writing Lie #3 – Best Selling Authors Make All Their Money From Book Sales

The best way to make money with a book is BECAUSE you have a book… not from book sales themselves.

The authors who really make money have a “funnel” behind their book that makes big ticket sales with coaching, classes, webinars, seminars, and events.

Don’t try to make money just off book sales! See your book as the start of an ongoing business relationship with people who can become lifelong customers.

So, let’s recap what we talked about:

  1. You don’t need a publisher to make money with a book.
  2. You don’t need to make a lot of sales to make money with a book.
  3. You don’t need a 300-page book to be a real author.

Also, if you’re serious about turbocharging this process, take a minute to check out my 7 Day Ebook program that will help you to create your book in less than a week (even if you can’t write, can’t type, and failed high school English class) at 7dayebook.com.

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Featured Article

Let me tell you a quick story about the time I spent 2 years trying to find a publisher for my book only to discover traditional publishing was all a big scam.

At the time I was trying to find a publisher for my book because that’s the only way I thought I could sell it.

Over the weeks and months I was really struggling with constant rejection from publishers who had no interest in my book.

Frankly, I was getting more and more depressed and disgusted with each new…

Find out why is traditional publishing a big SCAM!

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