Weekly Update – April 6, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets

The Power of 12 Months

Most people drastically OVER-estimate what they can do in a day, week or month.

Most people drastically UNDER-estimate what they can do in a year.

If you want to make the next 12 months count, here’s what you do:

1. Get really clear on what you want

2. Know exactly WHY you want it

3. Believe you can have it

4. Have Faith it’s already on its way to you

5. Take consistent action on it FIRST THING EVERY DAY for the next 365 days.*

* Don’t worry about tomorrow.

* Don’t worry about yesterday.

* Take consistent action TODAY on the ONE THING you can control right now that will get you closer to what you want.

* When tomorrow becomes today — repeat the three steps above!

The keys:

  • CLEAR goals
  • FOCUSED attention
  • CONSISTENT action

That’s it…

Where will you be next year? It’s entirely up to you!

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Featured Article

The Five I’s of Million-Dollar Content -YES – Million-Dollar Content, not just content. Check this out!

1. Involve

Get people involved with your content. They need to care about what’s going on. Hooks pull people into your content. Hooks are the titles of your articles or the first words that come out of your mouth on your videos and they rate as, if not more, important than the content itself.

2. Influence

Influence means people pay attention to you. When you have people’s attention…

The 5 I’s of Million-Dollar Content

Weekly Content Round Up

Join Jim as he goes live on Facebook and shares valuable nuggets of information with his followers.

Five I’s of Million Dollar Content

CE3 Formula = Amazing Content Marketing

What Makes You Unique Compared To Your Competitors?

6 Steps To Content Marketing Success

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Sales Copywriting & Content Marketing Hacks Podcast Recap

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WARNING: we are not here to teach copywriters the finer points of copywriting… we’re here to make it easy for normal people to use words and pictures to make more sales and get results. And, we have a lot of fun doing it!

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