Weekly Update – June 16, 2021

A Note From Jim

The Best Psychology I Learned… From A Dog Trainer!

There’s a cool technique I learned from a friend of mine who is actually a canine behaviorist… she has a PhD in the stuff.

I was teaching a class with a huge payoff promised for the participants.

As we went through, instead of ramming everything down their throats all at once… I spaced everything out.

In fact, I had people asking me “When is this going to get difficult? When are we going to really dig in?”

Now, I knew, if I hit them with everything all at once they’d lock up. I had to warm everyone up (kinda like a trainer has you do jumping jacks before you ever attempt pull-ups).

I wanted to get everyone in the habit of writing for 30 minutes non-stop each day… so when we started the class, I would only let them write for 2 minutes.

Gradually, after only a week, I had everyone writing for 15 minutes a day… and at the end of 2 weeks I had them all easily writing non-stop for 30 minutes.

Everyone was thrilled and EVERYONE got results and accomplished their objectives.

After the class I had my friend, Suzanne, tell me I had used a classic psychology principle.

I had unwittingly gotten people to “strain against the leash.” What she meant was that by “holding people back” at the beginning, I actually made them WANT to do more (like a dog straining against the leash).

The more I held back, the more they wanted to break free… and they thought it was their idea!!

When it comes to sales it’s often called the takeaway close – you show them something they want, then actually make it DIFFICULT for them to get it… which makes them want it more.

So, the point of all this is simple: how can you make your customers strain against the leash to want what you have even more?


Time limit / Deadline?

Limited quantity?

Higher price?

Think on it… the answer could change your business forever!

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Letting The Chickens Out with Jim

Every week Jim goes live on Facebook and posts his morning tips while letting the chickens out.

The best book anyone can write… especially if you don’t think you’re an expert!

How long does your book have to be to be a “real” book?

What makes a book a “real” book?

Are ebooks real books?

Putting, Testing, and Making Bank!

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WARNING: we are not here to teach copywriters the finer points of copywriting… we’re here to make it easy for normal people to use words and pictures to make more sales and get results. And, we have a lot of fun doing it!

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