Weekly Update – September 15, 2021

A Note From Jim

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. “

– Walt Disney

This quote is by Walt Disney from one of his many talks.

In case you didn’t know, Walt Disney created a culturally defining empire through creativity and entertainment. Mickey Mouse was born from Walt’s imagination.

The big idea with this quote is no matter what you’re doing, at some point you have to stop talking and get your butt in gear.

How does this apply to goal achievement?

Sadly, all most people do is talk. They wish for it. They dream about it. They scheme about it. They hope for it.

But they NEVER act consistently to achieve their goals.

In the end, the only thing that produces the results you want is consistent action.

No consistent action = no desired results.

So, let’s put Walt’s quote into action in our lives.

Look at any area of your life where you aren’t getting the results you want. Be honest with yourself as you answer this question, “Have I consistently taken action in this area?”

If the answer is no, stop talking about it, and get to work.

  • Those push-ups won’t do themselves.
  • That book won’t write itself.
  • That website traffic won’t arrive by magic.
  • That podcast won’t record itself.

STOP talking… do the work!

Oh, by the way…

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“Succinct Directions and The Wizards are Mind-Blowing!”

“Hi Mr. Edwards & Unicorn,

Hope all is well. Your 7-day program is excellent. Why?

Succinct Directions and The Wizards are mind-blowing!

The interview wizard created about 25 questions for my subject. (Questions that I had never thought of… Enough to write 2 books!)

The avatar wizard is the base, like rue in a gumbo 😊


– Howard E. Perry

Featured Article

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